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back from the dead

My last post was was from way back January 2016 and it was an update on the summer of 2015 I’m beyond sorry. Currently May 2017 and sooo much has happened.

Okay for those just running across my blog for the first time here’s a quick background: I moved to Korea February 2014 to teach English for what was suppose to be for one year. Now I’m almost at the half way mark of my 4th contact.

I first started this blog as a class assignment for one for of my anthropology classes so if you go back far enough you’ll come across those post.  But I decided to keep at it when I got accepted to EPIK (English program in Korea). It just died out as time went on and my life here got more normalized.

I’m on my 4th contact with EPIK right now and if my school asked today if I wanted to stay for another year, without a doubt I would say yes. I was really hesitant about staying my third year and even renewing for the fourth year. At this very point in my life in Korea, my life overall, I’ve never been happier than I am right now. I mean of course, my stay in Korea the past 3 years and odd some months has had it’s ups and downs. Some major downs. But I’m finally in a good place.

During my stay here in Korea I’ve lived in a total of 3 apartments in 2 different cities, taught at 5 different elementary schools ranging from first to sixth grader and class sizes of 2 students to 30 students in one classroom. I love my students as if they were my own children. And I’ve been lucky to only teach in elementary schools, because in reality I don’t think that I’d have enough confidence to teach middle school or high school.

My time aboard has also allowed me to travel. I’ve explored Korea from the most northern parts of Korea (the DMZ) and to places that most Koreans have never had the chance to travel to (Dokdo) and everything in between. Living here has also given the chance to explore more of Asia. The travel time is cut in half. I’ve endured the 15-17 hour flight from LAX to Thailand countless of times growing up. When now the travel time is anywhere between 2-7 hours. It only talks about an hour and a half to fly to Japan from Seoul.

I’ve said it many times before in my past posts and to anyone that I talk to, I’m lucky. I’m lucky to have this chance doing something that I’ve really grown to love. I’m lucky to have met the people here that have changed my life. I’m lucky so many ways that there isn’t enough words that could describe it.

I’m gonna pick up the blog again for the month of May. So in the days, wait maybe weeks coming up (let’s be honest) look forward to them. I’ll try my very best, but we all know that life gets in the way.

so much more next time







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