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Teacher’s summer trip

With the summer semester completed our school took a simple teachers trip after the classes was complete to no where other than Busan. Yet the school takes me to another place in Busan that I’ve never been to before. 오륙도스카이워크. This city keeps on surprising me with more. It was just an afternoon trip where all the teachers were loaded on to the bus after lunch and we drive down.

(before the hike)

I remember the trip now. It was humid, how summers here in Korea are humid. All I was told for the trip was to wear comfortable shoes. I should had know already by this point that comfortable shoes = hike. We arrived to our hike location and started to make out way up. I started the hike up with hair in nice curls but ended up with my hair up in a pony tail by the time we came back down because of the humidity and sweat.

(during the hike)

(at the top)

I know I complain about the hike, but really it’s an opportunity for me to bond with my staff. Compared to my school last year, I was much closer to my school last year. The staff here, especially the female staff are much older. So at this point I hadn’t really loosened up to them as much as I did this time last year with my previous school.

But I appreciate every moment I have with my staff. Everyone treats me so well regardless of the language barrier.  We head to a seafood buffet for dinner where the teachers begin their drinking and let loose a tad.

So much more next time,



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