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Jeju for the summer

I know I’m late like super super late, but we’ll start my updates here.

Before we even close  to summer vacation my co teacher had asked me when I wanted to take my vacation days. Originally my sister wanted to visit me during that time so I worked out days that she was on here summer vacation. Because of different reasons my sister wasn’t able to make it visit me for the summer. So I decided to head south to Korea’s Hawaii, Jeju, for the summer.

I flew out of Daegu airport which is super easy compared to traveling up to Seoul to fly out of Incheon airport. The flight was about an hour give or take a few. I was really worried that my flight would be cancelled because it was during typhoon season. But I was lucky enough that they typhoon came a few days before my trip and a few days after my trip.I spent a total of a week there and it was exactly what a needed.

For this update (and for the next few ones), it’s going to be strictly pictures. haha SORRY! Because I haven’t updated in such a long time and I’m back up, just pictures will have to do.

So here we go!

(en route to Jeju)

(first meal in Jeju, Black pork, 5 layer pork – 오겹살 )

(Jeju aquarium)

(fresh seafood)

(teddy bear museum)

(more food!)

(making chocolate at the chocolate museum)

(foot spa @the green tea fields)

(exploring the green tea fields)

(folklore museum)

(Can’t believe I found the noodle street)

there’s more pictures, but for some reason it’s not on my laptop. I have a strong feeling that they’re still on my phone/camera waiting to be uploaded.

If you have any question or want any infor about anything feel free to leave a comment I’ll be sure go answer you.

so much more next time,



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